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ÉTOILE launched in 2020, updating the Beautiful Bridal line with a fresh infusion of elegance and youthful style. Brides will recognize the aesthetic inspired by ÉTOILE’s sister line ÉLYSÉE, but will discover that it has a unique personality all its own. ÉTOILE will delight brides with its signature body contouring fit in classic and contemporary silhouettes. ÉTOILE, French for “STAR”, accentuates each brides own natural brilliance allowing her to shine... exactly what stars are meant to do. 26 styles are offered in the ÉTOILE 2021 collection.

Omeila Bridal

Omeila Bridal is a popular Modern Designer that provide new up to date gowns every season to suite all brides to be, and what stunning gowns they are. 


Graceful, youthful, pretty, and timeless, Love represents a “back to basics” approach to bridal design, celebrating the beauty in simplicity.
Artistic Director Kang Chun Lin shared, "Love is like our youngest sister in the Enzoani family. They are young, they are cute, they are full of character and have that modern edge. Launching the Love collection, I truly feel like the Enzoani family is complete now." 

ÉLYSÉE is inspired by the harmony and balance of Neoclassical art and architecture and uses modern silhouettes to accentuate the figure and contour the shape of the body. The Brand Name is derived from the Ancient Greek word "Elysium", meaning a place or state of perfect happiness. Timeless and gorgeous, our lines are sure to amaze.

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